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Cat Health- Caring for Pet Cat's Health
If you have a cat as a pet then you must also have concerns about its health. The health of your cat can be maintained and improved quite easily only if you can extend little time and effort. This wil...
Photo Album: Darrel Starbird Car & Monster Truck Show
Darrel Starbird Car & Monster Truck ShowUntitled PhotoUntitled PhotoGTO,GTO,GTORegal Grand National,Regal Grand National,Regal Grand NationalGrand National2,Grand National2,Grand National2Untitled PhotoSweet Chopper!,Sweet Chopper!,Sweet Chopper!Untitled PhotoUntitled PhotoUntitled PhotoMore Photos...<img src="" width="1px"...
Web surfers and email lovers BEWARE! This has absolutely nothing to do with dogs, but I wanted to get the word out about some email scams that I have come across recently.   With in the last 3 days, I have recieved 2 or 3 emails from some scam artists claiming I've won 1,000,000.00euros and 500,000euros. Please do not fall for this! While doing research online, I found that Lucky Day Lottery is fraudulant, the other place claims to...
Treating Dog Allergies
Any dog can develop allergies, making them feel itchy, and scratching all the time. Most dog allergies affect the skin, or their ears. Flea allergies, food allergies, bacterial allergies, inhalant allergies, or any combination of these can cause symptoms in your dog.
Working Group   Breed History: The Bullmastiff was developed in 1860 from the Mastiff and the Bulldog in Great Britain. It was bred to catch and hold poachers without hurting them. Breeders believed the cross created a dog that was fast but not aggressive. According to fanciers, the breed is more Mastiff than Bulldog. Breed Description: The Bullmastiff is a large and powerful dog with a...
Pet Allergies
Many people are allergic to the family pet and research has shown that people are allergic to cats about twice as frequently as dogs. Getting rid of the beloved family pet is usually not an option. Th...
Custom List: Got Dog Training?
Got Dog Training?If you live in the Tulsa/Muskogee Oklahoma area and want to teach your dog basic obedience, or solve behavior problems: I can help! Contact me at Evaluations are FREE, and I come to you!



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