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    As a pet owner, there are few things I am more grateful for than my beloved, well-mannered pooch. Maya, my 7-year-old chow chow, has been with me since she was born, and though I lacked the time and knowledge to train her properly, she somehow turned out to be one of the most well-behaved dogs I have ever known.



How To Care For Your Pet

by Nancy Dodds


David, 11, is simply in love with his pet dog. He looks forward to playing with it everyday after school. Judy, 32, a freelance writer, loves to play with her cat to relieve stress and refresh herself to take on life. A pet can be a great companion to share your love and affection with. It can be a part of the family and teach you to be more considerate towards others.

Studies show that people with pets live longer and can combat stress more easily. But it also brings along immense responsibilities. Not just because it brings with it a being that cannot articulate its feelings but also because it requires a lot of knowledge on the part of the pet owners in taking care of their bundles of joy.

Taking care of a pet can require a lot of time, effort and money. Apart from loads of love, you need to figure out the diet of your pet and fix feeding schedules, remember to get it vaccinated and ensure that it has a healthy life. Your pet will need food that is very different from what we eat. Refrain from throwing your leftover food at your pets. They will certainly relish food made keeping their tastes in mind. You will need to decide on the feeding schedules and the portions of each meal. Have a vessel of water ready for your pet in its shelter.

Taking your pet for a walk so that it can relieve itself has to be a regular part of your routine. It will also give your pet some exercise. Like all of us need health check ups, so do pets. Vaccines are important to keep them disease free. Bath them regularly to keep them free of lice or ticks. You should also look out for irregular bowel movements, lack of appetite, mood swings etc in your pets which might require medical intervention.

Change of season is a time when your pets also require extra care. They need to be kept warm and be tended to if they fall sick. You might want to train your pet to follow pet rules your house follows. If your pet is not allowed into your bed or on the sofa, it needs to be trained right from the beginning.

You need to be careful not to scare the animal by rude commands. Loving but firm instructions should do the needful. Your pets are sure a source of great joy in your life. But they need all the care you would shower on a dear friend to bring you the happiness you look for in them. By Nancy Dodds of




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