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    As a pet owner, there are few things I am more grateful for than my beloved, well-mannered pooch. Maya, my 7-year-old chow chow, has been with me since she was born, and though I lacked the time and knowledge to train her properly, she somehow turned out to be one of the most well-behaved dogs I have ever known.
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    THOMASVILLE, Ga. (AP) _ A dog who helped rescue a Georgia car wreck victim may have the right stuff for search and rescue work. Next week, Thomasville dog trainer Heidy Drawdy will take the two-year-old German shepherd, now named ``Hero,'' to see if he's cut out for the job.



Dog Training

by Hugo Roger


Pets,we all love to have them, specially an dog which is one of the most WANTED pets. Why? Because they are the famous Men's Best Friend. Now just imagine how bad would it be to have a untrained dog.An untrained dog could litter anywhere in your house, back yard, front yard, just anywhere. After less than a month of having that untrained dog with you, it could create all over inside your house that really bad odorthat could be coming out of anywhere. Especially if you have carpet in your floor which absorbs all types of smells and odors that are so HARD to get it off, sometimes impossible. Now believe that all these things can be avoided if you gowith your dog through a proper dog training.

If you are willing to go through the proper dog training it will save you a lot of workand problems in many areas. But getting your dog through the dog training is not a easy thing to do. Sometimes it takes a lot of work and dedication to achieve just one small objective. To make your dog become more familiar with the training, so that your dog can accomplish a fast and productive dog training you will need make all this dog training more than just a 2, or 3 , times per week thing. You will need to make DOG TRAINING part of your daily life. You should try to work with your dog in daily bases, that way your dog will be more and more familiar with the tasks you ask and teach him to achieve. One good thing to remember isyou must make your dog training in short sessions, comparing to those long sessions you would normally have with your dog 3 times a week.

Remember to make the dog training a fun task for you and your dog, so knowing you are talking to a Dog, give him simple commands to achieve such as, Sit, Come, Stay, avoid the HARD Ones since you are in the early stages of your DOG training sessions. Make sureyou use short words for your commandsandthe best thing is to use a different command word for every different TASK you give. When telling him to stop a action , donít say CHILL DOWN, or cool off Dog, just say STOP.

To make the Dog training even more fun, donít forget the treats. YES! Every time your doggy achieves a task make him happy by giving him a treat, that way he will understand he did a good action, he will know he deserved that treat and will always want to deserve because he likes it. But only give the treat if your dog accomplishes the task.If you live alone, or you are a couple with no kids then you will have no problem in achieving a good dog training, because both of you will understand what is going on, but if you have kids at home make sure they understand what is going on around them, because we know kids love to have fun with their pets, fool around in the house, dig and hide small objects, play and get dirty everywhere. So make sure they understand that there will be a time for all that.

Owning a dog is taking the responsibility to care, train, love and always give your best to your dog, so when you are on your dog training sessions, never forget one thing. Have Fun!


My name is Hugo Roger, I am a professional article writer, and enjoy spending great amount of time on heavy research to write well written and elaborated articles. I work as a computer tech, and also enjoy training animals. I have been working with articles for years and never stoped enjoy doing such.




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