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Dog Training - Teaching Your Dog the Basics

by Paul Schmitt


Dog training begins the minute you bring your new dog home. Whether your dog is a puppy or adult dog, you must always stay in control. Start with a good leash and a few basic commands. Introduce him slowly to the exterior and interior of your home while keeping him on a leash. By doing so, it will become easier to train your dog.

The dog training techniques used by experienced trainers and breeders are simple to implement at home. There is nothing complicated about the following commands:

Sit Stay Heal Roll over Stop

Most dogs are eager to learn. Use the time you spend teaching your dog the basics to build a bond between them and you. Dog trainers and breeders commonly use a dog treat to enforce good behavior.

Start with a simple command like "sit". Once the dog has done what you ask of him, reward him with a small treat. The dog will learn that good behavior receives a reward. This is the best method to succeeding at dog training.

Dogs are curious animals so it is important that you teach them early on some boundaries. Some people dont allow their dog up on the furniture or near the table when the family is eating. Training your dog to respect these boundaries is a little more difficult than training him to do tricks. However, it can be done if you are consistent in your methods.

Dog training takes consistence. Even the best dog trainers in the world will agree that a dog will learn faster if he is feed the same commands daily. Training your dog requires some affection too. Dont neglect rewarding your dog with a pat on the head, a cheerful "good boy", or a big hug.


Paul likes to explore and experiance many kinds of interest. I enjoy watching movies, reading books and pets. I have a couple dogs that I enjoy very much. I trained them myself. You can find more information on dog training, visit I enjoy writing on many topics that can help people out.




Dog Obedience Training Articles

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