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Dog Training Made Simple

by Robert Emler


Dog training is an art and there are right ways to go about it, as well as wrong ways. An often overlooked aspect of dog training is how your dog communicates back to you. If you want to successfully train your dog you need to understand your pet.

With enough patience and an understanding of how a dog's mind works, you can teach your dog to do virtually anything, from 'sit' to 'fetch me a drink'. So with a little ingenuity, you can figure out your own training techniques to get your dog to do anything you'd want him to do.

Dog obedience training begins with the owner. There are several things to keep in mind before starting any dog obedience training. You need to, understand that dogs have an attention span of no more than ten to fifteen minutes. So training should be limited to this amount of time. All training should be positive. Reward your dog for correct behavior and always end your obedience training sessions on a positive note.

Remember that you will get more cooperation from your dog when you are positive and patient. Instead of forcing your dog into a sit position, bring a tasty treat above and then back over his head until he sits back to get it. Reward him not only with the treat, but with lots of praise. These general rules will help any dog owner with the basic dog obedience training.

Training for a dog is similar to going to work for a human; if you do not get anything good out of it, you will stop working. Having fun is a big plus. Dogs love to be trained, because they get to spend time with you and they really like the attention.


Learn how to get your dog to listen to you. It works on any breed of dog, easy for anyone to learn, and its fun for you and your pet. By Robert Emler For more information about learning how to train your dog go to

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