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Dog Obedience Training Tips

by Michael Rad


Dog training will change the dog's behavior, from a dog that will not obey you to a dog that will listen to your commands, from a dog that is bothering the neighbors into a quiet one, from a dog that is always running from you into a dog that will stay still at your command. Exactly like in any other training system, there are some steps to be followed.

The dog must know his name, so he can respond to the master's commands. Once he knows his own name, you can start training with the check cord and teach "here" or "come". You can start all this in the house, but first, he has to be able to recognize his own name. If you want the puppy to listen only to you, then don't allow him to play with other persons. If you will let him play too much, he will start to growl and bark every time you take his toys away.

Another important aspect of dog training is that you need to train your pet, so nobody will get hurt when you are out with him and people are all around him. By applying the dog training commands properly, you don't need to worry that he will bite somebody or he will run away. Even if you have trained your dog to be obedient and respect you, you should respect him as well because after all, you chose him, he couldn't choose you, and if you won't treat him right, he will probably run away, or he will be unhappy. The basic dog training commands that a dog should respond to are: sit, stay close, fetch, here and come.

- Start training the dog while he is still a puppy – this ensures much higher success rates even for beginning dog trainers.
- Build some knowledge on dog training and only then get a new puppy.
- Free dog obedience training programs should be adapted to the specific requirements of your dog breed. Please see our selection of specific dog breed training methods in order to get more insight on this topic.
- Make sure the puppy is happy and has enough energy to attempt training.
- Be creative, never let the puppy get bored and teach the dog where the boundaries are set.


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